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Oakwood revamps Megafobia rollercoaster and auctions parts for charity

Oakwood Theme Park is making progress with the revamp of its famous Megafobia rollercoaster, according to recent updates.

 The Theme Park has appointed the American rollercoaster design and construction company ‘The Gravity Group’ to undertake a $2M programme of retrack works on the wooden coaster ride. 

The team has been working onsite since arriving in Oakwood and is expected to complete the works in early May, although this is dependent on materials being delivered from both Europe and the USA.

Oakwood is also auctioning off two sections of the original drop of Megafobia to raise money for Welsh charities, Wales Air Ambulance and Greenacres Rescue. 

The winning bidder of each piece will have the chance to own a piece of the ride, including eight timber layers, track running steel, side steel, and even nails, bolts, and saw marks. Oakwood Theme Park will match the winning bid of each piece, up to a maximum of £500 per piece.

The revamp of Megafobia, which was first opened in 1996, has been generating interest nationally and internationally. 

The Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain said that the re-tracking work using the latest wooden coaster technology will make the ride even better than when it opened.

Meanwhile, the European Coaster Club is excited to ride the new and improved Megafobia this summer, saying that “The Gravity Group have a global reputation for upgrading wooden coasters and are well known for making the best even better. You can bet families and of course us coaster enthusiasts will love Megafobia 2.0”.