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Pembrokeshire general election hopefuls outline ‘why you should vote for us’

MID and South Pembrokeshire general election hopefuls have outlined why you should vote for them on July 4.

As part of constituency changes, bits of north Pembrokeshire – including St Davids and– are joining the new Mid and South Pembrokeshire constituency.

Mid and South Pembrokeshire covers Letterston, Solva and St Davids down to Hundleton and Tenby, stretching eastwards to Amroth, Narberth and Lampeter Velfrey.

Mid and South Pembrokeshire (Pic: Boundary Commission for Wales)

Other parts of the north of the county are now in the new Ceredigion Preseli constituency; which extends up past Aberystwyth and also includes Cilgerran, Crymych, St Dogmaels, Fishguard and Llanrhian.

Ceredigion Preseli (Pic: Boundary Commission for Wales)

There’s now a 15-candidate battle for the two seats, eight in Mid and South Pembrokeshire and seven in Ceredigion Preseli.

With a July 4 date set for the general election, the currently declared candidates for Mid and South Pembrokeshire are: Hanna Andersen (Women’s Equality Party); Alistair Cameron (Welsh Liberal Democrats); Stephen Crabb (Welsh Conservative); Stuart Marchant (Reform UK); James Purchase (Green Party); Vusi Siphika (Independent); Cris Tomos (Plaid Cymru); and Henry Tufnell (Welsh Labour).

Liberal Democrat hopeful Alistair Cameron said: “Having been a Pembrokeshire County Councillor representing Kilgetty and Begelly since 2022, I am used to campaigning on behalf of local people whether in terms of better road safety or better community facilities. I would use this campaigning experience to fight for more investment into the county from the UK and Welsh Governments.

“I grew up in Pembrokeshire and now as Liberal Democrat Group Leader on the council,  have a wide appreciation of the needs of my county and the challenges we face.

“Pembrokeshire has the fourth highest level of child poverty in Wales and I will fight for better jobs for our area and investment in our public services including the NHS, social services and our schools and colleges.”

Cllr Alistair Cameron

Green candidate James Purchase said: “Vote for me! Even I wouldn’t vote for me, a 71-yr-old rough-shod builder. I’m no silver-tongued slick career politician. I have two daughters so I’m not even allowed an ego.

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“No; you must vote for the Green Party and its tough love policies. We’re the only party that’s telling you the truth about the climate crisis and keeping social injustice in focus.

“As George Monbiot says: ‘The Green Party is our best option,’ but if saving the planet is not enough to get your vote, how about this … I’m standing as a Not-For-Profit MP! All of my MP’s salary, after tax, will go back to the county in a charitable trust for community initiatives. So even if I am rubbish as an MP I’d still be value for money.”

Mid and South Pembrokeshire Green Party candidate James Purchase (Pic: James Purchase)

Women’s Equality Party candidate for your vote, Hannah Anderson, said: “I’m standing in this election because I believe that together, we can imagine a different future.

“Inequality is deepening, poverty is skyrocketing, and vital public services have been driven to the brink. But the old political parties, whose failings drove us here, lack the will and ambition to change it, and we are being offered the same tired policies we’ve seen for years.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, a vote for me and the Women’s Equality Party is a vote for the future, for investing in care and communities, for our health and happiness.”

Hannah Anderson, Women’s Equality Party (Pic: Hannah Anderson)

Labour candidate Henry Tufnell said: “Pembrokeshire is crying out for change. The legacy of 20 years of a Tory MP in Pembrokeshire and 14 years of a Tory Government in Westminster is a cost-of-living crisis and over a decade of cuts to our public services.

“I will be a strong voice for Pembrokeshire, will put the interests of our county first, and have the skills and energy to be an MP that people can be proud of. I will make Labour’s plan work for Pembrokeshire and reset our relationship with the Welsh Government in Cardiff. It is time for change.”

Labour candidate for Mid and South Pembrokeshire Henry Tufnell (Pic: Henry Tufnell)

Conservative candidate Stephen Crabb said: “As a local man who lives and was raised in the heart of Pembrokeshire, I am committed to providing a strong local voice for our county.

“I understand the needs of our community and have a trusted track record of speaking up for Pembrokeshire. I always work hard for local people, whether they have voted for me or not.

“Fighting to protect local health services and Withybush Hospital from Welsh Labour cuts remains my top priority. I will always be grateful for the opportunities that Pembrokeshire gave me, and I am passionate about seeing Pembrokeshire become an even better place to live and work.”

Stephen Crabb MP (Pic: Facebook)

Reform candidate Stuart Marchant said: “Within the last year I came to the conclusion that this country needs change. We in Wales actually need it more than elsewhere in the UK.

“We have the worst NHS within the UK and Sir Keir Starmer believes that Wales is the blue print for the UK. We will not see improvements if we follow his route. Our transport system in Wales is terrible. Our schools over subscribed and run down. We don’t have homes for the needful.

“People should choose to lend me their votes at this election. I am the only candidate that offers true change. If voters lend me their vote, and Reform are able to form Government, then our Contract With The People sets out what we will do within 100 days.”

Stuart Marchant, Reform (Pic: Stuart Marchant)

Independent Vusi Siphika said: “There needs to be more trust, connection and co-operation between the local council, Welsh Government and UK government. The current political climate is divisive and toxic and from my interactions this has turned voters away.

“The political classes have broken the social contract with us. I want us to rewrite it as a constituency and become a blueprint for the UK by having a manifesto that is unique to Pembrokeshire. I believe that despite our differences we can move more to unity.

“My heart is in this constituency. I want to serve you and bring us together for the progress of all.”

Vusi Siphika, Independent (Pic: Vusi Siphika)

Plaid Cymru candidate, and former Crymych county councillor, Cris Tomos said: “I will be focussing my campaign on how greater powers can be given to communities and neighbourhoods to address local employment, energy and home building opportunities and develop neighbourhood plans to support carers and those affected by the spiralling day to day expenses and cost of living.

“There needs to be a fundamental change in British politics, a new vision of economic focus on communities and supporting small and medium size businesses within those neighbourhoods.

“We need to ensure communities can support and scrutinise development such as harmful waste processing sites in their neighbourhood and have the final say when harmful developments can be permanently blocked, such as the waste site in Withyhedge.”

Cris Tomos, Plaid Cymru (Pic: Cris Tomos)

The candidates have also been contacted for further responses on subjects to come, the next two being the cost-of-living crisis/the economy and agriculture/the countryside.