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Pembrokeshire Junior Netball Results

THE Pembrokeshire Junior Netball league continued on Saturday, January 14, with lots of exciting games. Results and Players’ Player from each game can be seen below

• Under 10’s

Sapphire Black 3 V 10 Chaos Flash
Players player:
Sapphire Black: Seren Holder
Chaos Flash: Scarlett Chandra

• Under 12’s

Fishguard Kites 11 V 1 Pembroke
Players player:
Fishguard Kites: Leila Devonald
Pembroke: Nancy Sinclair – Jones

Fishguard Kestrels 0 V 16 Chaos Thunder
Players player:
Fishguard Kestrels: Josie Hawke
Chaos Thunder: Kayla Kplomedo

• Under 14’s

Sapphire Black 7 V 14 Pembroke 2.
Players player:
Sapphire Black: Jess Owen
Pembroke 2: Maisie James

Sapphire White 1 V 38 Chaos Hurricanes
Players player:
Sapphire White: Libby Evans
Chaos Hurricanes: Rose Kirkham

• Under 16’s

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St David’s 27 V 9 Sapphire White
Players player:
St David’s: Kimbereley Janea
Sapphire White: Suki Blackwell

Fishguard Ospreys 7 V 28 Chaos Purples
Players player:
Fishguard Ospreys: Cerys Adamson
Chaos Purples: Evie Goddard

Pembroke 7 V 42 Sapphire Black
Players player:
Pembroke: Issie Rome
Sapphire Black: Janie Smith