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Plans for 20 temporary cabins at south Pembrokeshire hotel approved

Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton (Pic: Google Street View)

PLANS for up to 20 temporary accommodation cabins at a south Pembrokeshire hotel, submitted by a would-be buyer, have been given the go-ahead.

An application – submitted through a Certificate of Lawfulness – for the temporary cabins at Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton was made by agent AM2 Planning on behalf of the unnamed applicant.

In a supporting statement, AM2 Planning said it was not considered that formal planning permission was needed at the 30-bed hotel, as the hotel was previously granted consent for an additional 20 bedrooms and a leisure centre, with a 2022 Certificate of Lawful Development with the council “expected to confirm the extant nature of the consent for the extension”.

The statement added: “The hotel has been on the market for sale, and the current applicant is exploring the potential to purchase the premises.  Whilst they are keen to introduce the approved extension in due course, they wish to initially increase the number of bedrooms on site through temporary accommodation units.  This will help clarify if the future extension works are likely to be viable before committing to the notable expense of their introduction.”

It says the temporary sleeping accommodation-only ‘cabins’ would be sited at the northeast part of the site, effectively operating “in the same way as a hotel bedroom does”.

Plans for up to 20 temporary accommodation cabins at Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton were submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council (Pic: PCC)

The application includes a brochure for the AJC EasyCabin ‘Exclusive Sleeper 14’ units, to be provided sans kitchen facilities, adding: “With regards the number of cabins, this is not confirmed at this stage, and will be subject to levels of demand.  The advantage of such a proposal is that they can be introduced (and removed) at short notice, so the applicant can be flexible in response to the need for them.

If cabins were introduced to the entirety of the identified area, with sufficient circulation space, it is estimated that approximately 20cabins could be introduced.”

The AJC EasyCabin ‘Exclusive Sleeper 14’ units illustrated in a brochure submitted with the application for Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton (Pic: AJC EasyCabin)

The statement goes on to say: “With regards the specific proposal at Beggars Reach Hotel, there is an approved extension of the Hotel that is yet to be built.  If use of the temporary cabins indicates that there will be sufficient demand to build the approved extension, then once such extension is built, it is expected that the cabins would be removed at that point.
“If there is insufficient demand for the cabins, then they would be removed in due course, as it would not be viable to retain them in place if there is no demand for them.  That is the benefit of their temporary nature.”