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The future of Health and Social Care in Solva and the St David’s Peninsula

Save Solva Surgery Community Meeting

A SIGNIFICANT number of concerned community members attended the Hywel Dda University Health Board (HDUHB) drop-in session at Solva Memorial Hall on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

A large team of NHS staff was there to give information and answer questions.

The perception among patients was mixed. Many came away with the impression that HDUHB did not think the Practice was viable and wanted to disperse the patients to St Davids, Fishguard and Haverfordwest, whilst others felt confident that GP services would continue to be offered in Solva for the immediate future as part of a managed practice.

There was strong support for the exciting idea of a Health and Care Hub put forward by the community, but discussion seemed to be dominated by concerns over timescales, numbers and finance rather than people and their well-being.

In response to HDUHB calls for a business plan, the Surgery Working Group will shortly publish a paper outlining deliverable and practical solutions to address the continued provision of GP Services in Solva and the surrounding area. 

Its aims are to deliver solutions for improving the health of the wider community in the St Davids Peninsula, and for enhancing services, and making them more responsive to the needs of the population.

Promisingly, HDUHB Chair, Maria Battle has asked to meet with the Working Group.

Sue Denman, Chair of the Surgery Working Group said: “Our immediate priorities are to engage and consult with key health and social care stakeholders and service providers to further understand the issues and opportunities surrounding healthcare on the Peninsula. The next meeting to update our community will be on Tuesday, February 7, at 17:30 in Solva Memorial Hall.”