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Police officers threatened with gas explosion on Pembroke Dock housing estate

A timber yard worker has appeared before magistrates for sentence after threatening to rip out a mains gas supply and ignite the fumes with his lighter. 

On Valentines Day, police officers were called to a property in Kavanagh Court, Pembroke Dock following reports of a public disorder incident. When they arrived, they were met by Jordan Mruk, 24, who was visiting his sister. 

“The officers asked the defendant to leave the property, but he refused,” Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told Haverfordwest magistrates this week. 

“He told the police to go away as he was going to rip out the gas supply. He was holding a lighter in his hand, and said he was going to light it.  

“He said, ‘I want to let you know, the gas supply is on,’ and at this point the officers became concerned for their safety.” 

Mruk was taken into police custody and subsequently arrested and charged with threatening to damage or destroy the property.  

He pleaded guilty to the offence. 

Probation officer Julie Norman told magistrates that Mruk has been in contact with the probation service since 2016. She said that his latest offence was committed while he was on post sentence supervision following his release from custody for a previous conviction. 

Mruk, of Credlands Timber Yard, Mountain View, Narberth, was legally represented in court by Mr Tom Lloyd. 

“Police attended the address that day as they were concerned for the defendant’s safety because he was self-harming,” he said. 

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“As a result, he was taken straight to hospital for medication. 

“This was an exceptionally foolish thing to do, as he had no intention of carrying out that threat.” 

After considering the evidence, Mruk was sentenced to 12 months in custody, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £187 surcharge.