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Row between pub landlord and takeaway manager hits the court

A 12-year-dispute between a pub landlord and the manager of an adjoining takeaway reached the courts this week after the landlord began photographing an overflowing bin with his mobile phone. 

Sahin Babahan became so irate at seeing the landlord photograph his bin adjacent to Shamrock’s on Main Street, Fishguard, that he hit the phone out of Gerald Parry’s hand, causing it to smash. 

“This complaint was just about one bin, not bigger than a domestic, and it’s collected twice a week by the private contractor,” Babahan’s solicitor, Mr Michael Kelleher, told Haverfordwest magistrates this week. 

“The suggestion that it was overflowing simply wasn’t the case.” 

This week Babahan, 32, of West Street, Fishguard, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the phone belonging to Mr Parry, who is the landlord of the Shamrock, and of assaulting a bystander, Mr Peter Bromely. 

Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told magistrates that the offences took place on July 4 when Mr Parry began taking photographs of the bin which was parked in a small lane adjacent to his pub. 

“The defendant hit the phone out of his hand, causing it to smash,” said Ms Rivers. 

“Mr Peter Bromely came out of the pub to see what was happening and then the defendant turned his attention towards him.

“He ran towards him and punched him twice to the right side of his head, causing his glasses to fall to the floor. And at this point, Mr Bromely began fearing for his safety.” 

Babahan was represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher. 

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“This argument has been going on for a long time, possibly over 12 years,” he said. “Next door to the Shamrock and my client’s premises is a small lane which is where Mr Bramahan puts his bin. 

“On the day in question, punches were thrown at Mr Bromely and he didn’t like the fact that Mr Parry’s phone was being used to film him. And so it was smashed. 

“My client is the manager of the takeaway and deals with difficult people all the time. He makes sure that his staff keep their cool when dealing with people and he’s very disappointed in himself that he didn’t keep his cool on this occasion. But he’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” 

After considering the facts, magistrates ordered Babahan to pay a total of £737. This comprises £374 in fines, £80 compensation for the broken phone, £50 compensation to Mr Peter Bromely, a £148 court surcharge and £85 costs.