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RSPCA provides emergency vet care for Bulldog abandoned in Swansea flat 

A NEGLECTED Bulldog abandoned in a Swansea flat has been rescued by the RSPCA and is now having emergency veterinary care.

RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) Gemma Cooper attended the flat yesterday (Tuesday 14 Tuesday) in the Uplands area after it was believed that the dog – known as Dave – may have been left in the property since 26 April. 

“This dog is very unwell and he doesn’t appear to have been attended to for a very long time judging by his poor condition,” said Gemma. 

“He has now been taken to a vets for emergency treatment. He has been placed on a drip, is being tube fed and is receiving treatment for anaemia as he has fleas. He is also due to have his nails cut.

“We hope that with some specialist vet care he is able to pull through.”

A microchip was found but the details were attached to the breeder and not to the owner, who is currently unknown. 

“At the moment, we don’t know who Dave belongs to,” said Gemma. “What we do know is that his owner had been allowed to stay at this flat with Dave whilst the flat tenant wasn’t there – but his contact details are unknown”.

“It appears that the owner has left Dave there on his own for some time. We’re now appealing for information to try and track this person down to find out what has happened.

“If anyone has any first-hand information which would help with our enquiries please call our appeals line on 0300 123 8018 and quote 01265112.”

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