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Caswell RNLI lifeguard aids 5 people on 2 paddleboards caught in offshore wind

RNLI Lifeguards at Caswell beach - Photo credit Gavin J Dando

LAST Tuesday afternoon (June 22) Caswell Bay RNLI lifeguards became aware of five paddleboarders who had been caught in a cross wind and were drifting out to sea.

After realising that the five paddleboarders, who were sharing two boards between them, were in trouble, one of the lifeguards, Ffin Jones, entered the water on a rescue board in order to reach the struggling group.

The paddleboarders who had initially been spotted about 100 metres offshore, were more than 500 metres out by the time they were reached. As one person had managed to get themselves safely to shore on one of the boards, Ffin approached the other board to aid the remaining four stranded paddleboarders. Given the conditions created by the strong offshore wind, he decided that the best approach was to tow the board with the remaining four people to the beach in the next bay, which was the nearest point of shore.

Upon reaching the shoreline, Ffin ensured that none of the paddleboarders required medical attention and informed them of the nearby coastal path which would allow them to return to the neighbouring Caswell Bay. He then proceeded to paddle back around to the beach on his rescue board, towing their paddleboard behind him.

Vinny Vincent, the lifeguard supervisor for the area says: ‘We understand that Stand Up Paddleboards are very popular at the moment and we are expecting to see many of them on the beaches this summer. We hope that people will take the proper precautions and steps to ensure that they can enjoy them safely on the water.

If you are planning on using a paddleboard at the beach please make sure to:

  • Always choose a lifeguarded beach and launch between the black and white chequered flags.
  • Always check the tide and weather conditions before heading out
  • Always carry a means of calling for help on your person in case of an emergency.’

To find out more about how to keep safe whilst Paddleboarding, please head to RNLI.org/SUP for more information.