PROPERTY developers, Essential Living, have scoured the country in search of the best dark sky spots for the most stellar Instagram photos.

Look onto the Milky Way at Fairwood Observatory based at Swansea Airport, as this is the perfect spot for watching the aurora of the southern magnetic pole. With over 369k Instagram posts capturing the moment – this the most instagrammed airport in the UK due to its remote location and lack of light pollution.

Swansea’s Astronomical Society often organises public events at the location, as It’s popular for spotting the Aurora from September to March along with celestial views of the Milky Way in autumn and early winter.

The study found other popular dark sky spots included:

  • Arinagour, based on the Isle of Coll. This spot takes the top spot in the UK for lack of light pollution, Nicknamed ‘Dark Sky Island’, the area is as dark as it gets with no street lights around.
  • Cornwall’s COSMOS Observatory, boasts over 95k location hashtags on Instagram. The Observatory also boasts a low light pollution score with a Bortle Class rating of just two out of nine.
  • Hampstead Observatory, based in Northumberland, offers a view of the London skies like no other through a stunning refracting telescope.
  • Other great stargazing spots in the UK are Benone Beach in Somerset, with a total of 16 surrounding spots to lie down and watch the sun set into a dazzling night sky. 
  • Located in the heart of the popular Lake District is Whinlatter Forest Park, which has been captured on Instagram over 369k times.