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Swansea Council’s ‘Get it Sorted’ campaign encourages students to help with recycling

'Get it Sorted' campaign (pic: Swansea Council)

SWANSEA Council’s recycling team has been working hard to get the message out to students when their waste collection days are in the run up to the end of the academic year.

As part of the Council’s ‘Get it Sorted’ campaign, more than 1,400 registered student homes in Brynmill, Uplands, Mount Pleasant and Sandfields have already been sent information packs and letters, providing tips and advice on what to do with their household waste during the next few weeks.

The letters include a full list of waste collection dates throughout May and June and also remind students what type of recycling is collected each week (pink or green).

Throughout June, the Council’s recycling promotions team will also conduct surveys in students areas, making sure students have put out the correct waste. The team will also knock on the doors of those who might have put the wrong waste out and remind them what needs to go out.

Cyril Anderson, Cabinet Member for Community, said: “Students make up a large proportion of our city and help to create diverse communities.

“When they depart our city at the end of the academic year, it’s important that we support them in their departure and ensure they have everything they need to leave their communities clean and tidy.

“Most will be using our weekly household waste collections to dispose of items before they leave.

“Our recycling promotions team will be busy throughout June, knocking on doors of student households before and after their scheduled collections, ensuring they know what they can put out for collection.

“We have also written to every student household, providing advice and information on managing their waste.

“Like any community in the city, we will have some bags that have been put out incorrectly and this is being dealt with in the normal way. But overall, we have seen students take responsibility and have helped us keep the city clean and tidy.”