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Pembrokeshire West Wales

Three sheep saved from ‘serious jeopardy’ in Dinas Island rescue

A 12-strong team of RSPCA officers – including rope rescue specialists – have saved three sheep trapped precariously on a steep cliff edge at Dinas Island in West Wales.

The sheep had become trapped on the cliff above the sea with very limited grazing available and were in “serious jeopardy”.

Remarkable drone footage shows the extent of the sheep’s plight – and the size of the drop to the sea below.

RSPCA officers abseiled down to reach the sheep, and carefully put the animals into secure bags. They were then lowered to another team of officers in a boat below.

The rescue was coordinated by RSPCA inspector Neill Manley and took place last Tuesday (2 March).

Nine officers – Mark Roberts, Richard Abbott, Vicki Taylor, Nayman Dunderdale, Gemma Cooper, Alan Barnes, Dean Wilkins, Megan Higgins and Jo Pearson – were part of the rope rescue team; while officers Rohan Barker and Justin Stubbs were in the boat below.

Fortunately, all three sheep were saved successfully and immediately returned to the farmer.

RSPCA inspector Neill Manley said: “These three sheep were in serious jeopardy – and urgently needed our help.

“An operation like this takes a lot of planning, but fortunately everything went according to plan.

“The weather was relatively calm, and our system worked well – with officers accessing the sheep by abseiling down the cliff, before lowering the sheep in bags to a boat below.

“We’re delighted to have been able to help these sheep in their hour of need.

“Thankfully, the sheep were all fine despite their ordeal and a happy ending means all the planning and efforts of our officers was certainly worth it.”