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Trial continues into ‘virulent racist’ James Allchurch, accused of stirring up racial hatred in Pembrokeshire

The trial continues

The Crown Court  trial is underway into Adolf Hitler supporter James Allchurch, accused of stirring up racial hatred via the Radio Aryan website that he operated from his home in Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire.

Described by the Crown as ‘a virulent racist and white supremacist’ who considered films made during Hitler’s Third Reich as ‘wholesome movies’, Allchurch faces 15 charges of recording and distributing audio files for his website with the intention of stirring up racial hatred.

He denies each charge.

At the time of the alleged offences, Allchurch used two alias names – Sven Longshank which was in reference to King Edward I and his expulsion of all Jews from England in 1290 and Grandpa Lampshade, which was based around the fact that the skin of Jews was made into lampshades.

The Crown alleges that between May 17, 2019 and March, 18, 2021 Allchurch recorded a total of 15 audio files with titles including ‘Banned from the UK’, ‘Where the Jews Fit In’ and ‘The Foreign Aid Scam’.  This week the jury has been listening to each of the 15 podcasts, which run to around nine and a half hours in total.

“The podcasts were highly racist, anti-semitic and white supremacist in nature,” said Jonathan Rees, KC, acting for the Crown..

“In his own words, he’s an avowed racist and a supporter of Adolf Hitler.”

Each broadcast opens with a rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’, followed by Allchurch’s comments.

“No other race is equal to the white race,” he says in one.  “The country is filled with savages – 15 to 20 per cent of British people have been replaced by foreigners and they rape our children and turn them into sex slaves.

“Ethnicity is responsible for the rise in violent crime and we should wake up to that and separate our people from them.” 

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In another podcast, he described black people as ‘ugly’.

“They are ugly to white people, just as cats are ugly to dogs,” he said.

“They are a different sub-species to white people and in a matter of seconds they can go from being completely passive to completely aggressive.  It’s not because they’re born violent but because they are born black…we might as well share our space with wild bears and crocodiles.”

His podcasts, claims the Crown, were also demeaning to the Jews.

“Jews are running every government and when they rejected Christ they became engines of revolution.  It’s the Jews who promoted miscegenation and the idea that there is no difference between black and white.  And we all know how much the Jews love profits…so when we spend money, make sure it goes to white people.”

In his podcast entitled ‘The Foreign Aid Scam’ Allchurch urges the army to step in and take control.

 “Who should be protesting us from all this?” he asked.  “Our army, that’s who.

“But all they’re doing is fighting to protect Israel.  They claims they’re breaking all the barriers with diversity because they have more black and minority people, more snowflakes and homosexuals….who are looking at you in showers.  But this will lead to a lot of fear and mistrust.”

It is alleged that Allchurch, 50, retained the podcasts to his personal website, which had around 4,000 listeners.  This, stated Jonathan Rees, KC, would prevent the podcasts from being censored by Youtube and Twitter.

The websites were run from Allchurch’s previous address at, Gelli, Clynderwen; his current address hasn’t been released by the court as his defence lawyer, Emily Baxter KC, argued that releasing this information could result in Allchurch being targeted. 

The trial is expected to continue into next week.