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‘Vacant’ signs restored at Whitland public toilets

Sighs of relief all round after Whitland agrees to re-open its public toilets

There were sighs of relief all round in Whitland this week after the town council agreed to re-open the town’s public toilets.

The conveniences have remained locked for several weeks after they were blighted by vandals. But at a recent meeting of Whitland Town Council, the clerk confirmed that a letter of apology has been submitted from the perpetrator, together £12 to cover the cost of replacing the damaged lock.

Following a lengthy discussion, councillors agreed to re-open the toilets following last week’s half term holidays.

They will remain open between 9.30am and 2.30pm on weekdays however councillors have warned that the situation will be carefully monitored. If any further vandal attacks are committed on the conveniences, they doors will once again be firmly ‘engaged’.

Members will also consider whether toilet users should pay for the use of the conveniences. This matter will be discussed at a subsequent meeting of Whitland Town Council.