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Welsh Lib Dem Candidate offers to show London Labour candidate around Swansea

RESPONDING to reports that Labour have selected a London think tank director as their Swansea West candidate, Lib Dem challenger Mike O’Carroll has offered to show him around the constituency.

The Liberal Democrats are the main challengers to Labour in the new Swansea West seat, which after boundary changes has no councillors at all from national political parties other than the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Commenting, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Swansea West Mike O’Carroll said: “Labour have a record of parachuting candidates into Swansea, and it isn’t fair on either candidates or more importantly on the voters of Swansea West who feel taken for granted by Labour.

That’s why I’ve offered to show Torsten around our city – it’s important that those who want to represent the area know every inch of the constituency and what the big issues are.

People around Swansea West are telling me about how they are struggling to get appointments with GPs, having to wait far too long for ambulances when they need them, and finding it really difficult to get care arrangements set up for elderly relatives.

But they also have real problems with the day-to-day issues where Swansea’s Labour-led council have let them down: potholes, dodgy pavements, weeds, litter, fly-tipping, drug dealing, off-road bikes.

These are where people are demanding change and it is important for candidates to understand this.”

Commenting, Chris Holley, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition on Swansea Council said: “Labour have taken our city for granted for far too long and people are fed up.

The Lib Dems are the main challengers in Swansea West, and more and more people I talk to are backing Mike O’Carroll to bring about the change we need.

He’s a long-term campaigner in the city and is the kind of ordinary, straight-talking candidate we need, not someone parachuted in from London.”

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