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Game On: Exploring Wales’ Gaming Culture and Top Titles

Gaming has become a popular form of entertainment and leisure activity, cutting across different age groups and backgrounds. In Wales, people engage in various types of video games, from casual mobile games to more immersive console and PC gaming experiences. The gaming community in Wales actively participates in events, tournaments, and conventions, showcasing their passion for the medium. In this article, we will observe the top 5 video games in Wales.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Of all Ubisoft’s service games, Siege not only turned out to be more successful than the others, but it also, as a conditional service, works almost better than other games with a similar development model. Siege has been retaining and gradually increasing the number of players for many years: at its peak on Steam alone, there are always more than 100,000 of them. Thanks to the development of boosting companies, it has become even easier to play the game, because you can order a r6 boosting and play on par with professional players. And although the authors say that there are more than twenty million registered players, most likely we are also talking about those who played Siege “on the “free weekend”. 

However, that’s not the point – the game still became very popular and, more importantly, was able to maintain this popularity for several years. And there are two reasons for this – at least the main ones. Firstly, Rainbow Six: Siege has successful, incredibly deep, and varied asymmetric gameplay. In this game, it is impossible to play two completely identical games because there are so many conditions – cards, operatives, weapons, and gadgets – that their combinations cannot be counted. And of course, filling the game with content is half the battle; it still needs to be balanced. And this is just “secondly”. It’s not enough to say that the developers are filling Siege with new content. They are constantly working to change the balance, including based on player feedback. Maps that have been available for a long time are often closed to remove balance gaps, new operators are instantly updated with patches, and weapon characteristics are tidied up if the audience demands it. We can’t wait to find such a responsive team of game service developers.

Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 is an absolute installment that covers the previous ones. Today this is the pinnacle of the series, relevant and attracting the bulk of fans. You can’t build a top ranking based on nostalgia for past games—you need to look at the facts. The main fact now is that the majority of Battlefield fans are playing Battlefield 5 and having a lot of fun doing it. The game also had problems at release – not as serious as Battlefront 2, but still – and therefore some people hate the game without knowing how it is developing.


Modern shooters are desperately trying to incorporate as many mechanics as possible and become more diverse. A recent example is RAGE 2, which features leveling, an open world, and explosive racing. Even DOOM in 2016 had to experiment with additional challenges, finishing moves, and weapon upgrades to become one of the best FPS in the world. But what is at the heart of this genre? Non-stop killing of dangerous opponents with powerful guns. And Painkiller executed this formula perfectly. The shooter about Daniel Garner’s adventures against the forces of Hell became the first game from the Polish studio People Can Fly. At one time some critics somewhat underestimated Painkiller because there were no famous developers behind it. The attitude is unfair, because if we consider the shooter solely from an entertainment point of view, then it works out the program to the fullest.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is proof that a seemingly stupid story can be made good. After all, this series has never been famous for its memorable plots – mostly everyone remembers shootouts, Nazi zombies, and other fruits of the occult activities of the Third Reich. But The New Order turned out to be good both from the point of view of the script and from the point of view of shooting. Of course, you can find fault with the gameplay. And the stealth episodes are of dubious value, and the level design is not the best in some places, and this leveling is omnipresent – but all this is redeemed by the opportunity to take a shotgun in both hands and, with a mad cry, burst into the ranks of the Nazis, wreaking havoc and destruction.

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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is already more than 10 years old, and it is more alive than all the living: it still confidently ranks ninth in the Steam top list of most played games on Steam in 2022, by hourly average number of players. It’s gone from a game with great mechanics but a tiny amount of content, included for free in every copy of the Orange Box, to a true giant with dozens of maps and modes. It pioneered the free-to-play system, opening the door to millions of new players without sacrificing balance.

In Wales, the gaming scene is thriving, encompassing a diverse range of players and genres. The dynamic gameplay, responsive developers, and passionate gaming community contribute to the continued success of video games in Wales.