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Main Reasons Why Welsh Residents Can Use VPN?

If you run a business in Wales, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s important to consider data security. Even if you only use the internet to check your bank account occasionally, this information is valuable and must be protected. This is where virtual private networks (VPNs) come in.

A VPN is a cybersecurity tool that routes your connection through a server owned by the provider, encrypting it at the same time. This offers several advantages, the most important being that your online activities are untraceable, making you invisible to marketers and cybercriminals.

While there are other ways to stay safe online, a VPN covers many bases. As long as you remain hidden, you can evade potential threats, and any that slip through can be easily countered with antivirus software.

Why Welsh Residents Can Use VPN?

#1 Anonymously

VPNs conceal your computer’s IP address as you browse the Internet. Additionally, they offer temporary IP addresses located in remote servers distributed worldwide. When utilizing the Internet, your data travels through the remote servers, ensuring that your exact location remains undetectable.

While many VPNs route your data through a single remote server, some operators provide a feature known as double VPN, which routes your data through two servers. This double VPN offers twice the security provided by regular VPNs.

#2 Access Geo-Restricted Content

By utilizing a quality VPN, you gain the freedom to explore websites, apps, and streaming networks from anywhere in the world. While embarking on your African Safaris, have you ever wished for access to BBC iPlayer or Hulu? Or maybe you’re interested in watching Netflix US shows while in Cardiff. In such cases, a reliable VPN can make all the difference.

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Cracking Netflix US is often considered a challenge for most VPNs. Consequently, it’s important to choose an operator that can bypass Netflix’s Geo-fencing security. Similarly, many companies struggle with bypassing China’s Great Firewall.

#3 Data Encryption

While surfing the web, VPNs encrypt your data. As you might guess, public Wi-Fi security is practically non-existent, but VPN fixes this. In fact, the problem of online privacy and cybersecurity concerns not only public Wi-Fi networks. It is difficult to get a secure internet connection even using the services of your own ISP.

The most reliable VPNs employ the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a data protection technique used for securing classified files in the US and the UK. Consequently, your data remains completely secure when utilizing a highly-rated VPN. However, using free VPNs and operators who log your data or cooperate with governments poses some risks.

#4 Discounts

VPNs possess an appealing quality: the ability to aid you in discovering remarkable online deals. Consider flight bargains, shopping discounts, and casino bonuses. When devoid of a VPN, businesses track your data and determine offers based on factors like your location.

By employing a VPN, online businesses obtain limited information about you. Consequently, they offer you their finest deals. This strategy yields optimal results when you can vary your VPN location to identify cities that attract the most enticing offers.

#5 Personal Marketing Protection

Many individuals share a dislike for the overwhelming amount of ads bombarding them when engaging with online businesses. Google searches are no exception, as related adverts flood their screens. VPNs offer a solution to this issue by putting a stop to targeted ads.

With VPNs, users bid farewell to pop-up advertisements and the incessant tracking on platforms like YouTube, social media sites, and various other websites. This means one can browse the internet without being persistently reminded to purchase products.

Of course, an alternative method is disabling cookie-tracking through browser settings, reducing the occurrence of targeted ads to a certain extent. Unfortunately, some websites retaliate by blocking access until their cookies are accepted.

#6 Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

ISP providers hold significant power when it comes to throttling your network connectivity. For instance, they can deliberately slow down your connections while streaming content on certain websites, such as the video game streaming platform Twitch.

They engage in network throttling to reduce the amount of data you consume, even though you are already paying for internet access. Occasionally, they may also reduce your network speed for valid reasons, such as when you exceed your data limit.

Nevertheless, by using a VPN, you can obscure the websites you visit, preventing ISP providers from throttling your network. It is important to note, however, that VPNs cannot address issues caused by subpar services provided by your ISP. Nonetheless, they can be effective in situations where ISP companies intentionally target your transmissions for their own selfish reasons.


Many residents of Wales prefer VPNs because of accessing restricted content, others because of anonymous Internet browsing. However, you don’t have to choose just one. You can get internet freedom and protect personal information at the same time.