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Marine Energy Wales and RenewableUK Cymru unite for Wales’ clean energy future

Marine Energy Wales and RenewableUK Cymru have officially joined forces, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the culmination of the two-day Future Energy Wales conference held on November 6-7. This strategic collaboration aims to propel the transition to renewable energy and marks a pivotal moment for the marine energy sector in the country.

Marine Energy Wales, deeply rooted in the marine renewable energy sector, stands as the voice for the tidal, wave, and floating offshore wind (FLOW) industries. On the other hand, RenewableUK Cymru focuses on Welsh onshore wind, offshore fixed-bottom installations, and the burgeoning floating offshore wind sector in the Celtic Sea region.

Both organisations, driven by a shared commitment to support the renewable energy industry in Wales, recognise the economic and environmental opportunities for local communities. The Memorandum of Understanding underscores their dedication to collaborative efforts, particularly within the FLOW sector, to achieve maximum benefits for both the industry and the nation.

The pact outlines several key objectives that include building a compelling case for the deployment of renewables in Wales and the broader UK. Additionally, both parties pledge to collectively influence stakeholders in the UK and Welsh Government to eliminate or mitigate barriers hindering deployment. The focus extends to maximising the potential opportunities of offshore wind, with special emphasis on floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea.

The agreement also sets the stage for establishing a robust and innovative supply chain, essential to supporting renewable energy activities. Collaborative events aimed at raising Wales’ profile and attracting investment will be organised, providing platforms for business development, political engagement, and networking.

Noteworthy is the role of Marine Energy Wales in the Celtic Sea Developer Alliance, initiated in 2019 alongside partners in Ireland and the South West. The alliance, currently comprising 25 developers, strives to ensure that the Celtic Sea’s potential is maximised at a scale and pace crucial for achieving Net Zero. Furthermore, its mission is to position Wales as a global leader in the marine energy sector.

Tom Hill, Programme Manager at Marine Energy Wales, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “Collaboration is crucial if we are to realise Wales’ renewable opportunity at the scale and pace required for Net Zero.”

Jess Hooper, Director at RenewableUK Cymru, echoed this sentiment, expressing optimism about the collaboration’s potential impact on Wales. “Power generation from a diverse renewable energy mix is a win-win for Wales, benefitting all geographical regions in industrial, rural and coastal communities,” she affirmed.

As the two organisations embark on this collaborative journey, their unified front signals a resolute commitment to propel Wales towards a sustainable, net-zero future through the harnessing of marine energy resources.