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Positively Liberal: “The country is crying out for change”

by Andrew Lye

Last week saw the news dominated by the latest outpouring of attention grabbing headlines by Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. These included fining charities that give tents to the homeless and claims it was a lifestyle choice to be homeless.

She has now accused the police of bias against right wing protestors, in order to favour marches by Palestine ceasefire protestors. As Home Secretary, it’s her job to support the police, yet she seems to be acting like Donald Trump, in making her wild, attention seeking comments.

It is strange that some supported Braverman, saying that she says what the silent majority are thinking. She certainly did not speak for me!

Thankfully, on Monday morning, she was finally sacked. 

The Liberal Democrats had called on the Prime Minister to sack Suella Braverman after what looks like her latest breach of the Ministerial Code.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson admitted today that Number 10 had not signed off on the Home Secretary’s inflammatory op-ed in the Times.

Suella Braverman is not fit to hold the office of Home Secretary. She divides communities with reckless abandon, playing a personal political game with no care for the consequences suffered by the people she is supposed to protect.

She was the most dangerous and divisive Home Secretary of modern times. This country will be safer without her in post.

This was a situation of the Prime Minister’s own making. He appointed her knowing she had previously broken the Ministerial Code, yet he was too scared to stand up to her.

Responding to Suella Braverman’s new policy of fining charities for providing tents to homeless people, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Alistair Carmichael MP said: “This is grim politics from a desperate Conservative government which knows its days are numbered.”

“It is a new low for Braverman to criminalise homeless charities for simply trying to keep vulnerable people warm and dry in winter.”

“The British public raise millions of pounds for homeless people at this time of year, and the government’s response is to criminalise those charities trying to help.”

“This policy will do nothing to stop rough sleeping and will leave vulnerable people to face the harsh weather conditions without any shelter whatsoever.”

Last week also saw the first King’s Speech in over 70 years, being delivered by King Charles III.

Responding to the King’s Speech today, Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said: “The country is crying out for change and hope for a brighter future, instead all Rishi Sunak had to offer was cheap gimmicks and reheated policies.

“There was nothing but empty words on the biggest issues facing the country, from the NHS crisis to the sewage scandal. There were no real solutions for patients left waiting months in pain for treatment, homeowners seeing their mortgages sky-rocket or communities seeing their local rivers ruined by sewage.

“It shows the Conservative government is out of touch, out of ideas and deserves to be kicked out of office.”