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New support for Micro Care Services in Ceredigion

Lucy Cummings (Carmarthenshire) and Lee James (Pembrokeshire) – current Micro Enterprise Catalysts

A new project that enables the set-up and development of small, independent ‘micro care’ services, is about to commence within Ceredigion following funding secured from the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund. The ultimate aim of this is to provide more choice for people to find a personal, local care or support service that works for them. 

PLANED, which is a West Wales Community Development Charity with over 35 years of delivery experience, are pleased to have successfully been awarded the contract by Cyngor Ceredigion, to deliver the “Catalysts for Care, Micro Enterprises” project in the county.

Building on the existing successful work delivered by PLANED with partners in both Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire to date, the project about to start in Ceredigion will enable a full regional approach that mirrors and supports the established regional footprint of Hywel Dda University Health Board.

The success to date of the Micro Enterprises project that started in Pembrokeshire, has already seen the support and creation of over 74 new Micro Enterprises in that one county alone, and since April 2023, already 24 in Carmarthenshire. All services are run by local people on a small scale. Being small means that they can provide the time and consistency to build a real understanding and relationship with the people they support.

Chief Executive of PLANED, Iwan Thomas notes on the recent successful contract award, “The successful award in Ceredigion now cements the regional approach that PLANED has always aspired to deliver for our communities. Working with our partners in health, social care, and the third sector in all three counties is crucial in delivering this joined up approach, to enable and support the services that are increasingly needed, and thankfully, now delivered. We are grateful to our partners in Ceredigion Council for supporting this project, and the differences it will make to many people across our communities here within the county.”

Lee James, as the Project Coordinator who began the project initially in Pembrokeshire also added “We continue to innovate in how we support our Micro Enterprises in each county, and how they in turn add value to the increasing number of clients they support. With our latest developments on moving from an online Directory of micros which is still available, to an interactive online tool to help source and identify specific micro enterprises within all applicable localities, it further shows the depth of need within our communities, and the benefits PLANED with our partners will bring, to the support for all of the micros collectively that will shortly be supported in Ceredigion.”

The project is looking to recruit a new full time post of Micro Enterprise Coordinator for Ceredigion who will join a small team that includes Lee James in Pembrokeshire, and Lucy Cummings in Carmarthenshire. 

The time window for applications is now live for people to apply for, until 17th November, and whilst the initial contract is funded for 12 months, it is hoped that additional longer term funding will shortly be secured to build on the clear evidence of need, and demonstrable impact the project has already had elsewhere within West Wales. 

The project is funded by the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund, and PLANED is working in partnership with Ceredigion Council to deliver the project in the county, and we will be looking for someone already based within the county, with an excellent working knowledge of the wider community and care sectors ideally, to support the development and expansion of micro enterprises within Ceredigion. 

For more information, please contact [email protected] or phone 01834 860965 and speak to Lee James to discuss.