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Ceredigion teacher launches campaign for Wales to have its own Eurovision entry

A TEACHER and singer-songwriter from Tregaron is spearheading a campaign for Wales to field its own entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sara Davies, originally from Old Colwyn and now residing in Llandysul, teaches Music, Drama, and Wellbeing at Ysgol Henry Richard in Tregaron. She believes it’s illogical that Wales cannot compete independently in Eurovision and is instead part of the UK contingent.

Speaking to the BBC, Sara expressed her frustration, stating, “It doesn’t make sense that Wales is not allowed to compete as our own nation and that we have to go as part of the UK.” Despite this, Sara’s Wales4Eurovision initiative has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

To promote her cause, Sara, who earlier won the Welsh language Cân i Gymru songwriting competition, has released her song “Anfonaf Angel” (I Send an Angel) along with a music video. She explained to BBC Radio Wales Breakfast that her peace-themed song is a perfect fit for the campaign, noting, “Loads of people are sharing the posts on social media, loads of people are commenting and saying Wales should be allowed to compete. We want to be included in Eurovision, and we want people to root for us to be included.”

Highlighting Wales’s musical heritage, Sara stressed, “We’re the land of song, known for our amazing singers and composers.”

Despite Sara’s efforts, a Eurovision spokesperson stated that there are “no plans” to alter the current arrangement of a single UK entry.