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The Royal Welsh show beings today with over 200,000 people expected to attend

The Royal Welsh show, widely regarded as the apex of the British agricultural calendar and the crown jewel of Powys events, kicked off this morning, Monday, July 24, for a four-day extravaganza that promises to draw nearly a quarter of a million visitors. With the show’s impressive reputation for attracting over 200,000 attendees each year, Builth Wells is ready to embrace the chaos and carnival atmosphere that accompanies this esteemed occasion.

For the local businesses and residents of Builth Wells, the Royal Welsh Show represents a golden opportunity to showcase their town and extend their warm hospitality to a vast array of guests. The Royal Welsh Showground, nestled just across the bridge in Llanelwedd, has been abuzz with activity for the past month, preparing to welcome an influx of exhibitors, competitors, workers, and visitors from all corners of the country and beyond.

Yet, for many establishments, the preparations have been underway for months in advance. One such place is Penmaenau Farm Camping, a farm and campsite situated right alongside the showground. Gwyn Davies, the dedicated owner of Penmaenau Farm Camping, has been hard at work along with his team, diligently making preparations to ensure a seamless experience for the show’s attendees. Gwyn explained, “We opened the site on Wednesday, but we’ve been prepping for a month.” The magnitude of the task at hand is evident as they have transformed their farm into a fully-fledged campsite, complete with spacious marquees, well-marked camping and caravan pitches, and essential amenities like toilets, showers, water, and fire points.

Beyond the physical logistics, Gwyn and his team have been committed to the safety and well-being of the show’s visitors, prioritising compliance with health and safety regulations to meet the demands of such a massive event. “Turning a farm into a campsite is a lot of work,” Gwyn remarks, emphasising the effort and dedication that goes into preparing for an event of this scale.

As the show week approaches, Penmaenau Farm Camping will witness a hive of activity with a staggering 145 staff members working on-site during the event itself. The site boasts a capacity for approximately 6,000 to 7,000 people at its peak, which is comparable to the combined population of Builth and Llandrindod Wells, indicating the immense scale of the Royal Welsh Show.

However, the Royal Welsh Show is not only about the numbers; it’s also an opportunity for businesses to contribute positively to the community. Penmaenau Farm Camping is hosting a speed shearing event on the show’s opening day, where skilled shearers will compete for a substantial prize pool of £3,000. Gwyn has been inspired to organise this event by the DPJ Foundation, a mental health charity dedicated to supporting those working in the agricultural industry and rural communities. Gwyn shares his motivation, saying, “Our intention is to give as much as we can to the charity. People can attend for free until 10 pm, and we’ll have people going round with buckets, so hopefully, it will be a win-win.” He further expresses his admiration for the charity’s work, noting that some of his staff have personally benefited from the foundation’s support.

The Royal Welsh Show is not just about agriculture; it’s also a celebration of music and entertainment. Penmaenau Farm Camping has a lineup of fantastic acts scheduled throughout the show week, promising a fun-filled experience for all. With DJ Will Roderick, a well-known figure in the Young Farmers’ Clubs circuit, as the house DJ for the week, attendees can groove to the beats of popular tunes. Other acts like N-Trance (DJ set), band Bwncath, Aeron Pughe, Sage Todz, The Phonics, The Texels, Soul’d Out, and Northern Ruins will add to the vibrant atmosphere and keep the excitement soaring.

As the 2023 Royal Welsh Show approaches, Builth Wells is fully prepared to welcome throngs of visitors and create an unforgettable experience. The show promises to be a spectacle of agriculture, entertainment, and camaraderie, providing a substantial boost to the town’s economy while showcasing the warmth and charm of Builth Wells to the world. With its rich tradition and unwavering enthusiasm, the Royal Welsh Show is all set to captivate hearts and leave a lasting impression on both locals and visitors alike.