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Ceredigion could introduce three black bin bag limit per three-weekly collection soon

CEREDIGION could soon be reducing the number of black bags collected to three per three-weekly collection under cost saving proposals.

In a documents before Ceredigion County Council’s meeting of February 29, where councillors will debate the budget including a proposed 11.1 per cent council tax rise, members will hear the potential £25,000 saving detailed, one of 70 cost-saving measures recommended.

An integrated impact assessment for members on the potential changes says: “As part of the 2024/25 budget setting process, it is proposed to introduce a limit on the number of black bags presented for residual waste collection to three bags. This will also further improve the recycling rate within the county.

“The cost of disposal of residual/black bag waste is significantly higher and less environmentally friendly that recycling or processing of food waste, and studies have shown that over 50 per cent of waste contained within the black bags could and should be recycled.

Ceredigion County Council currently recycles over 70 per cent of its municipal waste, and the intention is to increase this percentage and reduce costs of disposal.”

It adds: “The proposal is likely to affect the general public, and in particular residents of Ceredigion; directly – those whose residual waste is currently collected by the council, indirectly – there may be an increase in fly-tipping.”

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The proposal, previously considered by the council’s Thriving Communities Budget Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet, would see a public engagement undertaken prior to it being formally introduced, the report says.

The proposal is one of 70 cost-cutting measures accompanying the proposed budget for 2024-’25, including a potential increase in the cost of using a public toilet, and the potential closure of one of the county’s household waste facilities.