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Family seek permission to build four affordable homes next to their existing home

The entrance to Cae Morgan Road, near Cardigan (Pic: Google Street View)

A CALL to be allowed to build four affordable homes near Cardigan, to all be occupied by members of the same family next to the existing family home, has been submitted to county planners.

Celyn, Sara and Carys Jukes seek permission for the four ‘discount-for-sale’ three and four-bed detached homes in a line at Drws Y Coed, Cae Morgan Road, near Cardigan, currently an agricultural field next to an existing family home.

A supporting statement by agent Harries Planning Design Management says: “The applicants are the three daughters and sister of Mr Jukes. The three daughters currently reside at Drws Y Coed with their parents, who run Mark Jukes Containers, a very successful family business in Cardigan.

“The three sisters (Celyn, Sara and Carys) have lived at Drws Y Coed since birth. Ms Celyn Jukes is a secondary school teacher, Ms Sara Jukes works as a waitress at Yr Hen Printworks in Cardigan and Ms Carys Jukes is a sales executive at In the Welsh Wind.

“Finally, Mrs Mandy Jones (sister of Mr Jukes) is a hairdresser and runs a successful hair salon in Cardigan. Mandy has lived in Ceredigion (Glynarthen) for approximately 30 years, but she is currently living in rented accommodation in Blaenffos.

“Due to their personal and family ties to Caermorgan Road, it is such that they seek to build homes on the land to the rear of Drws Y Coed. This will provide independent living accommodation where they can settle and continue to live, work and raise a family within their local community.”

The application says property searches have been undertaken for alternative homes locally, in the range of £300,000-£350,000, most in need of modernisation or repair.

It adds: “The proposal comprises three and four bed detached properties and is honest in its intentions, to provide a permanent base for the applicants to settle and raise a family within their local community, whilst enabling a physical connection to their parents/relatives at Drws Y Coed for family support.

“In this respect the proposed dwellings are considered to be of an appropriate scale from the outset, thus avoiding the need for a further extension at a later date. The applicants are willing to enter into a S106 agreement to secure the dwelling as affordable in perpetuity, despite their being little/no motivation to re-locate, given their social and functional ties to Drws y Coed.”

To qualify as a DFS property, applicants must meet criteria including a financial test, and a local connection.

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The application will be considered at a later date.

A separate ongoing application by Mark Jukes is seeking to use a storage container on his Pentood Industrial Estate business site for a potential beauty therapy business for one of his daughters is currently lodged with Ceredigion planners.