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Calls for ceasefire in Presteigne as locals protest UK’s support to Israel

IN A SPIRITED demonstration that saw the heart of Presteigne come alive with the voices of the concerned, approximately 35 individuals braved the cold on Saturday to demand a ceasefire and an end to the UK’s provision of arms and support to Israel. The peaceful protest, marked by the waving of Palestinian flags and heartfelt pleas for peace, underscored the community’s distress over the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Kate MacDermott, a Presteigne resident, stood out with a Palestinian flag, her presence a powerful statement against the backdrop of the town’s usual tranquility. “It is crucial that our voices are heard, to express the profound sadness and anger we feel towards the ongoing slaughter in Gaza,” she shared, her words echoing the sentiment of the gathering.

The demonstration also turned a critical eye towards Teledyne Labtech, a local factory shrouded in secrecy, which is believed to be supplying components for armaments to Israel. Llinos Griffen voiced the community’s concerns, highlighting the moral dilemma faced by those seeking employment in the area. “While it’s understandable that locals need work, the idea that our labor contributes to violence in Gaza is utterly horrifying,” she said.

Heather Smith added to the chorus of disapproval, lamenting the genocidal attacks that have claimed the lives of at least 28,000 Palestinians and left Gaza in a state of devastation. The protesters mourned the tragic loss of life and the displacement of nearly 2 million people, their homes reduced to rubble amidst the relentless bombing. The group was particularly appalled by reports of aid trucks being blocked by the Israeli Defence Forces, denying crucial assistance to those in dire need.

As the demonstration concluded, the organizers announced plans for a subsequent rally in Knighton at 11:30 am on Saturday, 17th February. The upcoming event will continue to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, and the pursuit of justice and equal rights for all inhabitants of the region, historically referred to as “from the river to the sea.” The call to action resonates with a growing majority of the UK public, inviting all who share these concerns to stand together in solidarity.

For further details or to join the cause, interested parties are encouraged to contact Angie at 0737-596-5665, as the local community takes a stand for peace and justice in a world all too familiar with conflict.