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Councillors will be advised to refuse Carno rural enterprise dwelling plans

Looking towards where the rural enterprise dwelling would be on the outskirts of Carno (Pic: Google Streetview)

POWYS planning officers are advising councillors to refuse a planning application for a rural enterprise dwelling in Carno.

At a meeting of Powys County Council’s Planning committee on Thursday, March 14 councillors will decide an application by Ceri Jerman-Jones and Edward Jones for a four bedroom rural enterprise dwelling and detached garage.

The application includes changing the use of an agricultural building to include commercial uses on land next to Hendre Fach, Carno.

A satellite image of the proposed site for a rural enterprise dwelling on the outskirts of Carno (Pic: UK Grid Reference Finder)

Since 2021, three other previous applications to gain outline planning permission for a dwelling on the site have been lodge with the council, two failed and another was withdrawn.

Carno Community Council have supported this version of the proposal.

Carno council said: “This application is the latest in a series and the council hopes that the planning authority will look at the application in a wider context than that set out in the guidelines.”

The wider context in this instance according to the council is the “lack of dwellings and employment” for local young people.

Carno council said: “The council wishes its register its support for this application in the strongest possible terms.”

They added that they would be asking the local county councillor, Les George to “call in” the application to come in front of the Planning committee for a decision.

Cllr George has done this and said: “The reason for the call-in procedure is the overwhelming support from the whole community, a unanimous agreement from the community council and specific requests from a business wanting industrious and enterprising persons to settle and support the local economy.”

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Cllr Les George

In a planning statement in support of the proposal, agent Gerallt Davies of Roger Parry and Partners explained that Edward Jones Contractors Ltd work in the forestry sector preparing existing and new plantations for the next generations of trees.

They work for companies such as Tillhill and environment body Natural Resources Wales (NRW) who manage the Welsh Government’s forestry estate,

Mr Davies said: “In order to sustain the business, there is a need to house the full-time workers that currently work at the business.
“This will in essence maintain local labour, and economic growth within the locality.”

“The proposed dwelling will allow the business to develop sustainably and provide much needed accommodation for the business.”

Powys planning officer, Rhian Griffiths said: “Having carefully considered the details submitted together with all statutory consultee responses, it is considered that the proposal would not comply with planning policy.

“The application has failed to establish a functional need for a dwelling to serve the enterprise.

“The size and scale of the dwelling and garage does not accord with the requirements of the enterprise and would be prohibitive to its use as an affordable dwelling.”

She added that no information had been provided in respect of the “other dwelling test” and “insufficient information” had been given for the “financial test.”

Due to this Ms Griffiths said: “It is recommended that the application be refused.”