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Radnor Palestine Links demonstrates in Knighton

OVER twenty people gathered at Brookside Square (March 16), Knighton, re-iterating calls to the UK to end its complicity with Israeli war crimes and genocide, and support a complete ceasefire in Gaza.

Jenny Hickinbottom said, “I am here in support of the Palestinian people. The way they are treated is appalling and Israel should be ashamed’. Since October 7th, over 31,000 people have been killed by bombing or targeted shooting in Gaza, with many more unknown buried under rubble.

“The bombardments continue, and now the population faces famine, as Israel deliberately blocks the delivery of desperately needed aid. Children in Gaza are literally starving to death, while trucks queue at Rafah in Egypt, unable to cross the border. Attempts at air drops have been haphazard and sometimes lethal, as people on the ground have been hit or injured as they desperately try to reach food.”

Anne Mary Davies said, “I am here to continue demonstrating my support for the people of Gaza who are suffering in every possible way. The International Court of Justice deems this is genocide and a war crime. This decision has been ignored by our Government and they are therefore complicit in this atrocity. How can you call for humanitarian pauses to deliver aid while at the same time supplying the weapons that deliver these atrocities. Not in my Name!”

With the eyes of the world on Gaza, Israeli violence in the West Bank and Jerusalem is escalating.

Israeli forces have killed at least 412 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 106 children. Hundreds more have been injured, or arrested without charge and imprisoned in terrible conditions with no contact with family or lawyers. Over 600 attacks by armed Israeli settlers against Palestinians have been recorded since October 7th 2023, resulting in death, injury and displacement. In East Jerusalem, Israeli authorities continue to terrorise Palestinians, violently forcing them out of the homes they have lived in for generations.

Despite all this, the UK government continues to supply weapons to Israel – valued at £7 billion in 2023, provides training to Israeli military officers, and supports Israeli war crimes by sending surveillance flights out from the RAF base in Cyprus.

The UK was one of the countries that suspended funding to the United Nations Relief Agency because of unsubstantiated Israeli allegations that some staff members were involved with Hamas. Despite the terrible situation and mounting disease and famine, the UK has not followed the example of such countries as the Netherlands or Italy who have renewed their funding.

Camilla Saunders stated, “Our taxes are being used to fund starvation and murder of thousands of innocent civilians, mainly children and women. There can be no peace or resolution without justice for Palestinians and full recognition of their human rights.”

Until there is a full ceasefire, RPL will continue to demonstrate every Saturday. Check the RPL Facebook page for exact times, dates and locations.