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Protest outside Teledyne Labtech in Presteigne

Over 20 local people followed 2 gentle drummers with their banners, placards and Palestinian flags and marched to Teledyne Labtech in Presteigne at 1.30pm Wednesday 6th March. 

One of the protesters, Angie Zelter, took a letter signed by 21 people and handed it to the guards at the main gate, which had been locked. The guards were friendly, but said all the workers had been told to stay inside and no-one would talk to us. Angie explained, ‘We are a group of local people who are concerned about what is going on inside the factory. We wrote in December asking for a meeting to discuss our concerns and find out if it is true that components for Israeli weapons are really being made inside. But having received no answer we are now at the gates asking to meet with the manager in an open and respectful manner. We are willing to meet at a place and time they decide. But we will return with larger and larger numbers until we have a reasonable reply,’

Larry Wright said, “I decided to go to the Teledyne Protest after the Prime Minister spoke last Friday – he tried to typecast people protesting against the genocide in Gaza as extremists and a threat to society. As a retired local government officer, I am not a threat to society for standing alongside like minded people who want to know if weapons being used in Gaza by the IDF are made in Presteigne. Dishonesty and deceit in government and in American boardrooms do threaten society. Teledyne, come clean and if you are supporting Israel to kill innocent women and children – STOP!”

Camilla Saunders said: ‘ We are not here to intimidate or upset anyone. We are here because we don’t want the UK to be complicit in the massacre of thousand of civilians in Gaza, mostly women and children. We appeal to Teledyne to ensure that their staff are not involved in any way with supporting war crimes and horror, however inadvertently.’

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