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Met Office issues rain weather warning for Wales

Parts of the northeast are affected by the warning which is in place for Tuesday

THE MET OFFICE has issued a yellow warning for heavy rain in parts of Wales, affecting Flintshire and Wrexham in the northeast. This alert, in place since 1 am on Tuesday, is set to remain active until 1 pm. While the weather agency acknowledges the potential for heavy rain leading to localised flooding and disruptions, they classify this warning as having a medium likelihood and low impact.

According to the Met Office, “Outbreaks of rain are expected to become heavier and more persistent during the early hours of Tuesday, extending east across northeast Wales, the north Midlands, parts of northern England, and Lincolnshire.” Rainfall amounts could range from 20 to 30 mm widely within approximately six hours, with localised areas receiving as much as 40 to 50 mm. This significant precipitation could result in flooding and disruptions, but conditions are expected to become more showery as Tuesday progresses.

The Met Office also outlined potential impacts for affected areas, warning of spray and flooding on roads that may lead to longer journey times. Bus and train services are likely to be affected, causing delays. Additionally, there’s a possibility of flooding affecting a few homes and businesses.

Looking ahead, the weather forecast suggests a wetter and more unsettled week compared to recent heatwave conditions. On Tuesday, the maximum daytime temperature is expected to reach 18°C, with a slightly breezier and fresher feel. Morning heavy rain will gradually clear in the east, giving way to sunnier conditions in the northwest, which will extend eastward throughout the afternoon.

As Tuesday evening approaches, late sunshine will grace the western regions, and the skies will generally remain clear overnight, with temperatures dipping to a minimum of 6°C. The forecast indicates a trend towards cooler conditions with the potential for patchy mist and grass frost.

Wednesday promises a brighter outlook as any lingering mist quickly dissipates, leaving behind a dry day with warm sunny spells and a maximum temperature of 19°C. The afternoon may see some increased cloud cover, and overnight, conditions may become breezier with a possibility of rain by morning.

Rain is expected intermittently from Thursday through Saturday, with occasional heavy downpours. There may be periods of drier and brighter weather in between. Although temperatures will feel cooler than recent days, the weekend could bring a return to more humid conditions. Stay tuned for further updates from the Met Office as this weather system unfolds.