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Residents wanted to aid Newgale coastal adaptation project

PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL is looking for people to get involved in the Newgale Coastal Adaptation scheme through a number of ‘Task and Finish Groups’.

Task and Finish Groups (TFGs) will provide an opportunity for people to be actively involved in the ideas and discussions about particular issues. 

Members of TFGs will need to be able to attend meetings, discuss ideas, work with other people on the group and with other TFGs to make sure all the different aspects of the project can fit together and work.

Members of TFGs will need to think about the wishes and needs of others, including those who are not part of the TFG.

Six TFGs have been set up for:

·         Active Travel and Coast Path

·         Infrastructure

·         Business Resilience

·         Beach Safety and User Access

·         Natural Environment

·         Replacement Road

TFGs will be quite small, focussed groups so that discussions and ideas can take place easily. Anyone can apply to be involved in a TFG.

We would expect people who are most likely to be affected by the topic of the TFG to want to be involved.  

The Newgale Coastal Adaptation Project aims to deal with the challenges of a changing coastline at Newgale. 

It will allow people to influence the decisions about what adaptation could look like, understanding how it may affect them. Choosing to adapt to coastal change allows options to be explored. 

The Newgale Coastal Adaptation Project is being led by Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC). 

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Atkins has been appointed by PCC to help with the development of the project. 

Other companies will also be part of the project, bringing skills and knowledge to help deliver the project.