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Specialist INTACT PCSOs support more than 235 referrals

INTACT is our multi-agency partnership programme to tackle Serious Violence and Organised Crime in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys – and aims to keep our communities safe together. 

One of the priorities of the programme is early intervention and prevention, and this work is undertaken by our dedicated team of INTACT PCSOs who were appointed in April 2021.

The team are very much a ‘specialist NPT’, and have supported more than 235 referrals through a project called 121 Trusted Adult Work (supporting children, young people and vulnerable adults to access the right help at the right time) or group interventions since the pilot started in May 2021. 

They have also contributed to problem solving around the management of Organised Crime Groups and have educated more than 5,000 people about the signs and harms associated with different types of Serious Violence and Organised Crime.  

A young man from Pembrokeshire turned his life around, gained employment and the interventions and support he needed before potentially engaging in the use and supply of Class A Drugs through an INTACT PSCO.

After being the subject of a Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act warrant, where he was found in possession of a small amount of cannabis, he was issued with an Adult Community Resolution, with the condition to engage fully with the INTACT Early Intervention and Prevention team. 

He fully engaged with them, and the team signposted him to Futureworks, specialising in employment and skills services, and supported him to access appointments at the Job Centre. As a result he secured employment. But he was also supported in finding the medical and social support he required, and his wellbeing and behaviour has improved greatly.

‘Round 2’ is another great example of early intervention in Pembrokeshire, providing opportunities for young people through boxing.  

It is a boxing intervention for young people who have been identified by the INTACT team as vulnerable to exploitation or harm. The ninety minutes sessions are held every Tuesday, and during this time, participants engage in a boxing training session.

They also learn useful skills to help them in everyday life such as discipline, managing emotions and calming strategies that come hand in hand with boxing.

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The intervention is designed to be an engaging and innovative diversionary activity for young people who may be at risk of falling into wrong crowds or paths. As well as boxing training, sessions are delivered on the risks of County Lines – a term used to refer to the distribution of drugs across the country, where many young and vulnerable people are exploited and pulled in to work for dealers higher up the criminal chain.

The team have succeeded in securing more funding for this popular initiative, meaning many more people will benefit from this intervention in the future. 

Sessions will be held weekly at Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Boxing Club, which is located at 19-22 Water Street, in Pembroke Dock.