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Artist Redesigns Welsh Football Kits to Celebrate the Country

To celebrate the start of this winter football season, the design team at BoyleSports have redesigned kits to champion the heritage and histories of the competing countries. 

From Japan to Brazil, the kits cover all corners of the globe.  The idea was to imagine if the tournament was sponsored by countries, and not corporations, taking inspiration from the geometrics and colours of the flag with badges nodding to national identity. 

Here’s how the Welsh kit would look, taking inspiration from the shape and curves of the Welsh dragon and and green grass:

Here’s what the artist Joel Russell had to say about the visuals: “This was a fascinating project to work on – in creating the visuals, we didn’t want to just copy the flags directly onto the kits. We looked to use each country’s flag as a base and challenged ourselves to incorporate the colour schemes, geometrics and patterns into the visuals.

For example, for the Welsh kit – we interpreted the dragon through curving red lines, giving a sense of its shape indirectly, and for the Japanese kit, we nodded to the waves of Hokusai.

The final designs have a slick, brand-sponsorship feel which blends heritage and culture with a vibrant palette which is easy to understand at a glance. You know which country is represented by which kit. We wanted to imagine a world where countries, not corporations, sponsored the World Cup teams.”

If you’d like to see the rest of the kits, they can be found here: https://betting.boylesports.com/2022-fifa-world-cup-kits-reimagined/