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National aims for Swansea bread business

An innovative Swansea bread business is looking to develop a UK-wide market, thanks to a digital boost.

Bowla – A Bowl with a Roll – is in the midst of upgrading its website, which means it’ll soon be able to take orders for its bowler hat-shaped loafs of bread from across the country.

If you separate the bottom of the loaf from the top then it gives a bread bowl with a roll for dipping, with any choice at filling.

At Bowla, which is based in Swansea Market, fillings include Welsh lamb cawl, chicken tikka masala, pulled pork, vegan meatballs, vegan pulled pork, and Punjabi chick pea curry.

The website upgrade is being funded by Swansea Council through the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Bowla – a Bowl with a Roll – is run and owned by father and daughter team, Clayton and Hannah Worth.

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Hannah said: “The idea for the business came from a mishap my dad once had with a breadmaking machine, which resulted in a loaf that resembled a top hat once it had been turned out.

“We’ve now been open for close to a year at our stall in Swansea Market, although we’re keen to grow the business by enabling e-commerce on our website that would mean people and other businesses from throughout the UK would be able to buy our bowler hat-shaped loafs and other merchandise

“The business support team at Swansea Council have been extremely helpful, and the website development grant will enable us to take the next step in our business journey.

“We anticipate our upgraded website being ready by the end of this month.”

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism, said: “Bowla is an example of a terrific local businesses and the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we’re so keen to support as a council.

“It’s one of many businesses in Swansea that we’re continuing to support, thanks to a number of grant schemes that we have available.

“The council stands ready to help local businesses in any we can.”

As well as website development grants, other council grants now available through the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund include carbon reduction grants, innovation grants, pre-start grants, growth grants and supplier development grants.