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Spirit of Wales Distillery Launches Steeltown Blueberry Welsh Gin

Steeltown Welsh Blueberry Gin

SPIRIT of Wales Distillery in Newport, Wales is proud to announce the launch of a second Welsh gin and first pink gin. Spirit of Wales, Steeltown Welsh Blueberry Gin, a contemporary forged wild blueberry gin, sweetened naturally with heather tips.

Spirit of Wales Distillery announced the newest addition to their portfolio, Steeltown Welsh Blueberry gin which previously lived within their distillery release collection. 

Spirit of Wales, Steeltown Blueberry Welsh gin is a contemporary styled premium pink gin, made with wild blueberries and heather tips for natural sweetness.

Forged Wild Blueberry Gin with Heather Sweetness is a commemorative Welsh spirit. A contemporary pink gin with wild blueberry with honey-like heather tips adding sweetness. 

Naturally sweet, Steeltown forged Welsh Blueberry Gin, is inspired by the women of times past who spent time with their families on the Welsh coast during the Miner’s Fortnight holidays. While their husbands were working in the coal and steel industries, they stayed home, spending their time making jams and preserves.

Naturally, Sweet Steeltown Forged Wild Blueberry Welsh Gin

Spirit of Wales Distillery Forged Wild Blueberry Pink Gin. A modern styled blueberry gin with bright citrus aromas and natural heather honey sweetness to start. Softer floral-like blueberry tones follow on the palate, with bright, juicy notes that complement the floral flavours of heather tips and orris root.

James Gibbons, Head Distiller from the Distillery, explained. “To create a pink gin that could stand in the category. The Spirit of Wales uses blueberry, which acts as an addition to the whole, rather than overpowering the gin. The gin remains at full strength with sweetening from with honey-like heather tips rather than adding any sugar.”

Steeltown Welsh Blueberry gin has hints of bittersweet pithy grapefruit and lemon notes, which mellow with the familiar piney characteristics of juniper. The Newport-based distillery has created a deep pink Welsh gin that has a pleasant oiliness to it combined with citrus pithiness to finish, with no added sugar or colours.

Daniel Dyer, founder and gin enthusiast, commented, “After trialing fresh fruits with our juniper-led gin, under our distillery release, we realized the Blueberry was a clear winner! Adding no artificial flavourings, nor colourings to achieve Steeltown Blueberry Gin. It is a fruity and delicious gin and tonic when combined with the Fever-Tree aromatic Tonic water, which brings the deeper flavours to life!”

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The perfect pairing for the Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Forged Wild Blueberry Gin is with the distilleries tonic partner’s Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic water. Both a pink delight with an overall deep colour, a superb choice for a flavourful gin and tonic. Spirit of Wales Steeltown Welsh Gins are available directly from the distillery, at markets and gin festivals around Wales, and the online store https://www.spiritofwales.com

To learn more about the Spirit of Wales Distillery with limited releases and the blueberry gin, please visit the online store.