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Cardiff boy needs to wear special helmet 23 hours per day to help shape his skull

Sebby Burian wearing his helmet

A CARDIFF family has renewed their plea for donations for a special helmet to help shape the skull of their six-month-old baby.

Sebby Burian, was just two months old when his parents David, 38, and Eva, 40, noticed that his head was flattened at the back and to one side.

This has caused his forehead to shift forward and his ears to be non-aligned. He has been diagnosed with severe deformational plagiocephaly.

The longer it is left, the harder it is to treat, but treatment is not available on the NHS. Dad David said: ‘We’re responsible parents and don’t feel that the right thing is to “wait and see” as we already know in our case, yes, it will improve by a bit but still remains in the red zone which is not reversible and stay visible for the rest of the life. That could have a huge psychological impact on quality of the life.’

The family have decided to seek private treatment at a clinic in Bristol, where Sebby was measured for a helmet which he now wears 23 hours each day. The treatment, which started at the end of last year costs around £2,500, can take anything from two to five months.

David added: ‘Sebby was born during the challenging pandemic times with all services being limited to a minimum and still, it is a nightmare to get essential help. The unprecedented times has a massive impact on most of us so any donation no matter how big or small, every penny counts and would help us out and be massively appreciated.’

‘People have been so generous already and we are about half way there with our funding. We believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so thank you so much to all of you!’

Gill Gibb, Tree of Hope CEO said: ‘We’re delighted to be helping the Burian family with their fundraising and wish them all the best with Sebby’s treatment.’

To donate to Sebby’s fund, visit https://www.treeofhope.org.uk/little-sebbys-happy-helmet/