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Raise the roof: RSPCA and firefighters come to the aid of stricken kitten in Gower

Kali - a five-month old kitten - had only ventured out a few times, before getting stuck on his Gower home rooftop

RSPCA Cymru and local firefighters braved the darkness and rain to come to the aid of a tiny five-month-old kitten stuck on a Gower rooftop, in a late-night rescue mission.

Inspector Darren Oakley headed to the Alder Way property after reports were received by the charity about the stranded kitten, and he enlisted the support of firefighters to help. 

Firefighters came face-to-face with the tiny kitten – named Kali – using a cherry picker, and tried to reach him via the front of the house where he was patiently sitting. 

However, when faced with the firefighters, Kali opted to take matters into his own paws and leapt back to safety down the back of the house. 

The “daredevil” young kitten had only been outside a few times and had somehow ventured on to the towering roof – prompting calls to the RSPCA for help.

Fortunately, after returning to the ground, RSPCA Cymru checked over the young kitten who was absolutely fine – and immediately went for his food inside the house. 

Inspector Darren said: “This tiny kitten was in a pretty hopeless situation – stranded on top of this rooftop and initially unable to get himself down.

Kali the Kitten after being rescued

“We’re really grateful to the firefighters who came to support us – they reached Kali using a cherry picker; which seemed to spur the cat into action as he took matters into his own paws!

“He is certainly an adventurous little cat. This daredevil had only been outside a few times, but ventured onto a rooftop!

“Kali was absolutely fine after a welfare check, and went straight for a bowl of food inside the house. We’re delighted to hear from his owners that he’s doing well – and thankfully is now staying away from rooftops.”

Janine Thomas, Kali’s owner, added: “He’s certainly used up one of his nine lives! 

“Kali backed off when the firefighters approached; and ended up coming back down to our garden down the back of the house!

“We were so relieved to have him home safely. Neighbours were knocking at the door concerned, and it was a worrying couple of days for us all.

“Kali has now ventured back outside, and thankfully he’s doing great! He’ll be staying away from rooftops from now on!”

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