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Community mourns Lewistown Social Club is destroyed by fire

ON SATURDAY afternoon (March 2), the Lewistown Social Club, was engulfed in flames, leaving the community in shock and mourning the loss of a place rich in memories and history.

Fire engines from multiple stations were quick to tackle the blaze, and the police were on the scene. There were no injuries as the club was closed at the time, Herald.Wales understands.

Residents and former patrons took to social media to express their grief and share their stories of the club. “I never knew this place as a cool hangout spot or have memories here. However, I’ve had lots of messages and comments on the videos about people’s good times. This is sad but could have been a lot worse had it not been for the quick 999 call and excellent response from the emergency services! Feeling grateful this morning,” posted Clean Cymru, a local Facebook page, highlighting the swift action of emergency services that prevented further disaster.

Adding to their previous messages of gratitude, Clean Cymru later thanked the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service specifically for their efforts, saying, “Thank you to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for saving our homes!! It’s still smouldering but it’s under control! If your windows have been affected by the fire in the local area and you’d like them cleaned free let me know!! :)” This offer reflects the strong sense of community and solidarity in the face of adversity.

Video credit cleancymru.com

Adam Stevens simply stated, “We will remember them,” marking the date of the fire with a gravestone emoji, symbolizing the loss felt by many.

Concerns were also raised for those living close to the fire, with Pam Ball expressing her hope that everyone is okay after being so close to the disaster. The sentiment was echoed by Car Lee Griff, who noted the proximity of the blaze to local residents, calling them “very lucky.”

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Questions about the status of the club prior to the fire were answered by the club’s recent challenges with vandalism. Responding to an inquiry, Clean Cymru revealed, “Closed but open to vandals and little sh*ts,” a sentiment confirmed by Helen Davies, who noted the club had shuttered last year.

The destruction of the Lewistown Social Club has not only taken a physical structure but has also dimmed a piece of the community’s heart, with Adam Baker reminiscing about childhood Christmas concerts performed at the club. “That’s a while back now mind,” Baker added, reflecting on the passage of time and the memories anchored in the now-lost venue.