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Disqualified driver who caused A40 crash broke down in tears in court

A BANNED driver who caused a multi-vehicle pile-up on the A40 on Saturday (May 14) said in court on Monday that he had no recollection of what happened.

Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court heard that Matthew Turner, of Llys-yr Onnen, Wolfscastle was seen by witnesses driving extremely fast that morning, as he drove from Haverfordwest towards his home village.

Turner, age 33, pleaded guilty dangerous driving and to three additional charges of driving without insurance, driving whilst disqualified and possessing 1g of cannabis. An additional charge of the aggravated taking of a vehicle without the owner’s consent was withdrawn.

The court heard that as he flew past Vincent Davies department store in his girlfriend’s Ford EcoSport, the driver of the vehicle travelling behind him watched him cross over the middle white lines in the road repeatedly, and said he was overtaking vehicles dangerously.

He hit an on-coming vehicle, spun around, and smashed into another vehicle just a little further up the road.

The accident caused the main road to be closed for several hours, causing traffic chaos on the back lanes around the area.

The CPS solicitor, Mr Davies, said that the driver of one of the vehicles which had been hit said that “it was as if an explosion had gone off.”

The defendant who works as a painter and decorator, managed to stumble out of his partner’s wrecked car and said to witnesses: “My wife has gone to check the kids. It’s just an accident. These things just happen.”

Representing the defendant, Mr Michael Kelleher said his client has “no real recollection” of what happened.

“Quite clearly this matter is a serious one and we’re quite fortunate there are no serious or lasting injuries as a result of this incident” he added.

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The matter was then adjourned for a pre-sentence report from the Probation Service.

Turner, who broke down and was in tears during the hearing, was released on conditional bail, the conditions being that he resides at his parents’ address in Haverfordwest and that he makes no contact with his partner.

An interim driving disqualification has also been imposed.