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Man sentenced to jail for sexual acts in front of vulnerable young girl

DAVID Robinson, aged 46, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity in the presence of a child. The incidents involved a young girl of primary school age, whom he subjected to disgusting acts on two separate occasions. The sentencing hearing took place at Cardiff Crown Court, where the judge labeled the acts as “appalling.”

According to the prosecution’s representative, Matthew Cobbe, the victim’s statement revealed the profound impact of Robinson’s actions on the young girl. She expressed feeling unsafe and alone, and her fear of being by herself had intensified since the incidents. Seeking counseling, she struggled to discuss the traumatic events directly and had developed discomfort around men. Additionally, she suffered from sleep disturbances and repetitive nightmares.

During the hearing, Hashim Salmman, Robinson’s defense counsel, acknowledged that his client had prior convictions related to exposure in 2008 and 2010. However, he urged the judge to consider the time that had passed since those incidents, emphasizing Robinson’s perceived low risk of general reoffending and medium risk of future sexual reoffending. Salmman asked the court to take into account Robinson’s troubled upbringing, which involved witnessing and experiencing domestic violence, along with a history of alcohol abuse, psychiatric treatment, and other health issues. Robinson had been unemployed for four years.

Despite the defense’s arguments, Judge Wayne Beard deemed Robinson’s actions as “significant” and indicated a persistent pattern of such behavior when considering his earlier convictions. He expressed empathy for the trauma the young victim had endured, stating, “No-one can be anything other than touched by the trauma that this has impacted upon a young woman.” The judge also assessed Robinson as having a medium risk of future sexual offending.

As a result of the sentencing, David Robinson was given a jail term of two years and three months. He was also subjected to an indefinite restraining order and is required to register as a sex offender indefinitely. Additionally, an indefinite sexual harm prevention order was imposed, alongside a £181 statutory surcharge.