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Wentloog Avenue disturbance: Further arrests

POLICE investigating a large-scale disturbance in Cardiff in March 2021 have arrested more than 30 people across South Wales and other areas of the UK.

South Wales Police and a number of other police forces were involved in the arrests on Wednesday, September 22.

In Cardiff, 11 people – seven men, three teenage boys and a woman – have been arrested in connection with the disturbance.

There have been 20 further arrests in the following police force areas – The Metropolitan Police Service (12) Thames Valley Police (4), Bedfordshire (1), Hertfordshire, (1) Surrey (1), and Gwent (1)

All those arrested remain in police custody.

Police were called to Shirenewton on Wentloog Avenue, Trowbridge, Cardiff, shortly after 4pm on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Four men were injured during the disturbance.

A number of weapons were seized at the time and several arrests were made shortly after.

Enquiries have been continuing which have culminated in Wednesday’s operation.

Detective Superintendent Ceri Hughes, from South Wales Police, said: “Today’s enforcement follows a complex six-month investigation by a team of South Wales Police detectives and has involved the assistance of many other police forces.

“In March we made a commitment to identify those responsible for this large scale disorder and I’m pleased to say that, with the support of other police forces, a significant number of people have been arrested.

“We believe that those arrested were involved in the serious disorder at Shirenewton Gypsy and Traveller Site.

“As always, South Wales Police strives to protect all communities from serious harm.

“We will be maintaining an increased presence in the Wentloog Avenue area today, and in the days to come, to provide reassurance.

“Anyone who thinks they can commit such violence in the South Wales Police area should think again. It will not be tolerated and we hope today’s multi – force operation makes that message very clear.

“We again thank local communities for their patience, understanding and co-operation while arrests and searches were carried out.”

Searches are continuing and further arrests are anticipated.