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Update on schools opening on 2nd November

Schools in Pembrokeshire will re-open after half-term on Monday,
2 nd November.

Primary schools, Portfield Special School and the Pembrokeshire
Learning Centre will be open to pupils of all ages.

Secondary schools will be open for children in Years 7 and 8.
Pupils who are sitting examinations in the week beginning 2 nd of
November must attend for the examination only.

Other pupils (those in Years 9 to 13) will continue their learning from
home for that week, supported by teaching staff. From Monday, 9 th
November, these pupils will also return to school.

The measures are in line with the Welsh Government’s firebreak
lockdown guidance.

Cllr Guy Woodham, Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet
Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, gave a reassurance
that schools would be as safe as possible when pupils return.

“Half-term has been an opportunity to deep-clean school premises
and we will continue to have effective control measures in place,” he

“The high number of children returning to school in September was
excellent and going forward we are doing everything we can to
minimise any disruption to their education.”

School transport routes in Pembrokeshire will run as normal from
Monday 2 nd November for primary pupils and Year 7 and 8 pupils.
School canteens will also be open as normal.

Parents of pupils in Years 9 to 13 who receive free school meals
(who will not be in school from 2-6 November) will receive funding
directly into their bank accounts from Pembrokeshire County Council
during the week commencing 2 nd November.

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 Parents and carers should refer to their school’s website if they have
any queries. The Welsh Government has also issued guidance at: