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Charitable donations deliver up-to-date cardiac detection technology to Withybush Hospital

THANKS to charitable donations, patients at Withybush General Hospital’s Cardio Respiratory Department are benefitting from the latest equipment for diagnosing life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

Donations to the health board’s charity, Hywel Dda Health Charities, have funded the purchase of a Pathfinder laptop with dual screens and docking station by Spacelabs Healthcare, worth over £33,500. The technology can diagnose various abnormal heart rhythms more efficiently and help staff to work remotely and safely.

Cardiac Physiologist Teleri Cudd explained: “The new equipment is used to detect any abnormalities that may affect normal heart function.

“A monitor can help a physician determine whether the patient’s medicine is working correctly or if changes need to be made. It can also determine whether a permanent pacemaker is required due to life threatening arrhythmias.

“The result is that patients are receiving a more efficient service which can identify arrhythmias more quickly.”

One of the key benefits of the Pathfinder is that it is portable and supports remote working, creating an additional workstation and avoiding the need to attend the department. In a time of Covid-19, it can help staff to reduce the risk of infection.

Teleri explained: “With the portable Pathfinder, physiologists unable to attend the workplace due to Covid-19 can analyse results from home, helping to reduce waiting lists and supporting patients to be treated sooner.”

Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities, said: “Our charitable funds support expenditure over and above what the NHS can provide.

“The Pathfinder equipment shows how donations can make a significant difference to the patient experience by providing the local NHS with the latest technology.

“A huge thank you to everyone whose generous donations have made this possible.”

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