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Home broadband seekers save hundreds as Ogi prepare for retail’s biggest weekend

LEADING Welsh full fibre broadband provider – Ogi – has cut prices in half across all home broadband packages for a limited time as part of retail’s biggest pre-Christmas shopping event, Black Friday.

In a discount first for the Wales-based internet service provider, Ogi is offering all new customers who sign up during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event up to £720 off the standard retail price, with no upfront installation costs.

With standard installation slots available right up until Christmas, all new customers could benefit from speeds up to 18 times faster than the Welsh average (51.2Mbps) in time for the festive-binge season.

With around half of UK adults planning to spend during Black Friday this year, a whopping £3 billion is expected to be handed over to retailers according to Finder research, as shoppers look for the best deals as the ongoing cost-of-living and high inflation continues to put pressure on household budgets.

Already known for its bold customer-centric offers, Ogi propelled onto the scene in 2021, bringing a new bespoke full fibre network to towns and villages across south Wales. Cutting prices in 2022 as the cost-of-living pressure took hold, the provider has also held prices for the last two years, bucking the mid-contract price hike trend faced by customers on some of the UK’s biggest networks.

Now in another bold move, the provider is cutting home broadband prices by 50%, offering all new customers up to £720 in savings – with its full fibre broadband services now available in over 60 communities.

Announcing the time-limited deal, Chief Revenue Officer, Sally-Anne Skinner, said: “Not only will households be saving on their broadband utility costs; but fast, reliable broadband can also drive down other household costs too: helping us work from home without having to commute; bringing us better entertainment without having to pay to go out; even supporting us to manage our electricity and heating bills through smart, connected technologies.

We’re all feeling the squeeze right now, and here at Ogi we want to help people manage the pressure however we can. Being part of retail’s biggest event is an exciting step for us – and another landmark moment for our business. I’m excited to see how this offer lands with broadband seekers right across south Wales.”

The Black Friday deal offers Ogi’s complete full fibre broadband, which is unique in many of its rollout areas, at a heavily discounted 50% off price tag. With customer satisfaction scores consistently high and an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, the Wales-based provider is steadily building a positive reputation for its home-grown services and local customer support.

The deal runs for 16 days from Monday 13 November, until Tuesday 28 November, before prices revert to Ogi’s standard £30, £40 and £60 per month pre-sale tariff from 29 November.

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