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Huw Edwards leaves BBC following medical advice

PRESENTER Huw Edwards has resigned from the BBC on “medical advice,” the corporation has stated.

The broadcaster has been absent from the screen since last July following newspaper reports alleging that he compensated a young person for sexually explicit images.

He was the BBC’s most prominent news anchor, frequently selected to lead coverage of significant national events.

A brief statement released on Monday announced Huw Edwards resignation and departure from the BBC.

“After 40 years of dedicated service, Huw has decided to resign based on medical advice provided by his doctors.

“The BBC has accepted his resignation, believing it will facilitate progress for all involved. Further comments from us are deemed inappropriate.”

No action taken

His exit comes nine months after his wife revealed he had been admitted to hospital due to “serious mental health issues.”

This followed a report in the Sun newspaper alleging that an unnamed BBC presenter had paid a young person for explicit photographs, which reportedly began when they were 17.

The source of the paper’s information was the young person’s mother and step-father. However, a letter issued on behalf of the young person by a solicitor dismissed their claims as unfounded.

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Following days of speculation surrounding the identity of the presenter, Edwards’ wife, Vicky Flind, publicly disclosed his name.

She explained that her primary motivation was concern for his mental well-being and the protection of their children. She further disclosed that he had received treatment for severe depression in recent years.

Edwards has refrained from making any public statements. He had been suspended since July.

The standard procedure entails suspended employees receiving full pay. As the highest-paid newsreader at the corporation, Edwards received between £435,000 and £439,999 in the year 2022/2023.

The BBC confirmed that Edwards did not receive a financial settlement upon his departure.

The Metropolitan Police opted not to pursue any action against him, stating that there was “no evidence to suggest the commission of a criminal offence.”

The Welsh presenter commenced his career with BBC News as a trainee in 1984. In 2003, he assumed a prominent role as one of the main presenters on BBC One’s Ten O’Clock News, widely regarded as the network’s flagship bulletin.

He also provided commentary and coverage for numerous significant national events, including general elections and royal ceremonies. In 2022, he announced the passing of Queen Elizabeth II to the nation.