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King Charles has cancer, Buckingham Palace confirms

IN an official announcement from Buckingham Palace today (Jan 5), it has been disclosed that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

The diagnosis emerged following a recent medical procedure at the London Clinic, where the King was being treated for a benign enlarged prostate.

The Palace’s statement revealed that during the treatment for the prostate enlargement, doctors identified “a separate issue of concern.” Further tests led to the diagnosis of a form of cancer. In response to this diagnosis, King Charles has begun a regimen of regular treatments. Medical advice has necessitated the postponement of his public engagements, although he will continue to perform his state duties and manage official paperwork as usual.

Expressing gratitude towards his medical team for their prompt intervention, the King remains optimistic about his treatment outcomes. He aims to resume his full public duties at the earliest opportunity. By sharing news of his diagnosis, King Charles hopes to mitigate speculation and contribute to greater public awareness about cancer, offering support to others worldwide facing similar challenges.

At this stage, Buckingham Palace has opted not to divulge further details regarding the specific type of cancer diagnosed. It is clarified, however, that the cancer is not related to the prostate, countering any assumptions linked to his earlier treatment for benign prostate enlargement.

Following his diagnosis, King Charles has returned to London from Sandringham to begin his treatment as an outpatient. The announcement has prompted a wave of support for the monarch, as he faces this personal health battle with a hopeful outlook.