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Man threatens neighbour with knife over coughing incident

A man armed himself with a knife and issued threats to stab his neighbour after becoming agitated by the neighbour’s coughing. The incident unfolded on February 1 at approximately 1:45 p.m. outside his ex-partner’s residence in Cardiff. Yusef Eladnany, 30, seemingly appeared out of nowhere and confronted the man while he was watching his children play, as recounted by witnesses.

Reportedly, Eladnany approached the victim, his face in close proximity, and delivered a menacing message, saying, “If you cough again, I’ll stab you.” Alarmed by the sight of the knife, the victim sought refuge inside his flat. However, Eladnany persisted, trailing the victim and still clutching the knife.

During the ensuing commotion, Eladnany forcefully pushed the man against a wall when a relative intervened, urging the defendant to leave the premises. Ignoring the plea, Eladnany reiterated his threat, repeating, “If you cough again, I’ll stab you.”

Concerned witnesses contacted the authorities, prompting Eladnany to exit the flat. He then placed the knife next to his door and briefly returned inside his property for a duration of 10 to 15 seconds. Emerging once again, Eladnany restlessly paced up and down the street until the police arrived, subsequently leading to his arrest. He was taken into custody and transported to Cardiff Bay police station.

In court, Eladnany, now residing in Cresswell Walk, Cwmbran, admitted guilt on charges of possessing a blade in a public place and affray. The prosecution highlighted his four prior unrelated convictions, the most recent of which occurred in 2012.

During the sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court, defense lawyer Tim Hartland presented mitigating factors, explaining that his client had a history of mental health issues and had been self-medicating instead of following his prescribed treatment plan. Hartland emphasized that Eladnany was not taking his medication at the time of the incident, stating, “This was not an offense committed by someone who was thinking rationally and reasonably. It can only be described as a bizarre incident.”

Addressing Eladnany, Judge Matthew Porter-Bryant rebuked his actions, remarking, “You took it upon yourself to threaten people who had done nothing to justify you speaking to them, never mind intervening in the way you did. You threatened them with violence while brandishing a knife with a serrated edge which would have looked terrifying.”

Ultimately, Eladnany received a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months. Additionally, he was ordered to complete 300 hours of unpaid work, a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement, and subjected to a five-year restraining order.