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Latest Preseli jobs figures show ‘boost for younger generation, says Stephen Crabb MP

FIGURES published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics show that across the UK unemployment continues to fall, as more people seek employment opportunities, and job vacancies remain at record levels.

In Preseli Pembrokeshire, compared to a year ago, there are now 210 less people aged 18-24 claiming unemployment-related benefits, as young people enter the workforce and take advantage of the job opportunities created by local businesses. With 4% of the workforce in Preseli claiming unemployment related benefits, local unemployment overall remains lower than the national average of 4.6%.

Local MP Stephen Crabb meets with different local businesses most weeks to discuss key challenges for the Pembrokeshire economy. Availability of staff continues to be a major issue for many employers.

Last week he met with Ron Mounsey who is looking to expand his McDonalds restaurant franchises in Pembrokeshire. At the Haverfordwest restaurant he was able to meet new and long-serving staff and the training and apprenticeship schemes available through McDonalds.

Commenting on the latest jobs figures, Stephen Crabb added:

“Given how disruptive the pandemic was to young people’s education and employment, I am very pleased that we are now seeing significant drops in the number of 18-24 year olds who are out of work across the County. In fact, with so many businesses trying to hire new staff right now, it is a good time for young people to get their foot in the door with their first job. There is a lot of work and training opportunities out there.”

“The local figures mirror the healthy UK-wide figures, and with the summer staycation boom looming, now is an excellent time for individuals to seek out local tourism and hospitality related work.”

Photo caption: Stephen Crabb MP at the Haverfordwest McDonalds with Ron Mounsey and Paul Hayes, Regional Communications Wales and SW.