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Proposed ban on XL Bully dogs “better late than never”

The Welsh Government has made “eight requests” for the prohibition of XL Bully dogs, but it reported that its most recent letter to the Home Secretary went unanswered.

Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, commented that while the ban, now being pursued by the UK Government, came later than desired, it is a case of “better late than never.”

Ms Griffiths said: “I am very pleased at last that the UK Government is taking action. I have, in the last six years, written to eight Home Secretaries and deputies asking them to take some action. The last time was in May and Suella Braverman didn’t even have the courtesy to reply. I am very pleased the Prime Minister has made this announcement”.

The Dangerous Dogs Act falls outside of devolved powers. Ms. Griffiths mentioned that Welsh officials are collaborating with a UK Government working group, although she noted that Wales does possess some authority in this regard. She plans to convene a “multi-agency summit” next month.

During a plenary session in the Senedd, Ms. Griffiths responded to inquiries regarding the ban from Conservative MS Samuel Kurtz. He cited three fatal dog attacks since November 2011, two in Caerphilly and one in Wrexham, as well as a disturbing incident where 22 pregnant sheep in north Wales were subjected to a “savage and rampant rampage” earlier this year.

Ms. Griffiths emphasized her desire to prevent dogs from being abandoned or to burden dog rescue centers, which are already grappling with significant caseloads. She stated, “We are seeing far too many attacks,”.