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Tory MP says his party should work with Plaid

DAVID TC Davies, the leading Welsh Conservative figure in Westminster, has proposed a strategic alignment with Plaid Cymru to break Labour’s stronghold on the Senedd. In a departure from previous stances, Welsh Secretary Davies expressed openness to forging alliances across party lines, suggesting potential cooperation with Plaid Cymru.

Highlighting common ground, particularly in areas such as agriculture and Welsh language preservation, Davies underscored the shared interests between Conservatives and Plaid Cymru. Emphasising the need for a shift in the political landscape, he stressed, “For many in Wales, voting Labour has become an ingrained habit.”

While Andrew RT Davies, leader of Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd, had previously dismissed collaboration with Plaid Cymru, branding them “divisive separatists” during the 2021 elections, David TC Davies adopted a more pragmatic approach. He remarked, “There are two strands of Plaid Cymru… I don’t see why you couldn’t work with them. I don’t think the party in the Senedd should rule out a coalition.”

Acknowledging the ideological chasm regarding independence, Davies conceded that any potential alliance would require careful negotiation. Plaid Cymru advocates for Welsh independence, whereas the Conservatives advocate maintaining the union with the UK.

Despite praising the efforts of Welsh Conservatives, Davies underscored Labour’s enduring dominance in Welsh politics. Reflecting on past attempts at coalition-building, notably the 2007 proposal involving Conservatives, Plaid Cymru, and the Liberal Democrats, Davies highlighted the complexities of such arrangements.