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RCEM Responds to BMA consultants’ ballot in favour of industrial action

THE ROYAL College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has recognised the consultants’ right to participate in industrial action following the outcome of the British Medical Association (BMA) ballot. Consultants have overwhelmingly voted in favour of taking industrial action, which serves as a clear indication of their dissatisfaction and feeling of undervaluation. RCEM emphasises the significance of appreciating and valuing the contributions of all healthcare professionals.

In response to the consultants’ decision, RCEM has called for immediate discussions to commence in order to seek a timely resolution before any industrial action is implemented.

A spokesperson for RCEM commented, stating, “We fully acknowledge and respect the consultants’ right to engage in industrial action. The emphatic ‘yes’ vote in favour of industrial action sends a strong message that healthcare staff are seeking recognition for their efforts. It is crucial that we initiate constructive discussions promptly to address their concerns and reach a resolution before any disruptive industrial action is taken.”

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is the authoritative body for Emergency Medicine within the United Kingdom. Boasting a membership of over 10,500 professionals, including doctors, consultants, advanced care practitioners, physicians associates, and various other roles in Emergency Departments, the Royal College plays a vital role in ensuring the provision of exceptional patient care. Its mandate encompasses setting and upholding stringent standards of care while providing expert guidance and policy advice to pertinent entities within the healthcare sector across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The situation now calls for swift action and open dialogue to ensure that the concerns and grievances of consultants are adequately addressed. It is crucial to foster an environment where healthcare workers feel valued and appreciated for their unwavering dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care.

As discussions progress, both the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the British Medical Association will work in unison to explore viable solutions and pave the way for a harmonious resolution that upholds the best interests of all stakeholders within the healthcare industry.